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Shopping Centres

Traditionally there is little coordination when it comes to setting up shopping centre waste systems. In many circumstances tenants are required to organise their own waste collection creating chaos at the waste station with bins scattered, overflow waste and waste collectors unable to access the client’s specific bins.

Example of our Expertise & Capability:

MG Waste has supported an industry leading facilities management group to resolve these issues and implement multiple waste streams. Our efforts have been particularly successful at implementing effective and efficient systems to collect organic waste and soft plastics. Our design has also addressed the need to assist tenants with store fit outs that support better handling of waste, particularly large cardboard.

For new sites, our engagement and solutions focus has been very successful. We start off translating the original building Waste Management Plans (WMPs) into workable systems by establishing clear waste stream labelling and the appropriate receptacle systems to allow tenants and cleaners to safely and effectively transfer their segregated waste. Following commencement, we develop training and induction materials for cleaners and tenants and regularly undertake direct dialogue with them to keep up the message of diversion and contamination. Site tenants are very appreciative, and our efforts have supported a greater level of commitment to doing the right thing when it comes to correctly disposing of waste to mitigate landfill diversion.

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