The MGWM difference
We don't own or operate expensive trucks or machinery.  Our focus is totally on brokering the most cost effective, streamlined, efficient waste management service for our clients, using the most environmentally friendly processes available.

We start with an audit


It is surprising the savings a company can make with proper investigation. We conduct a comprehensive waste analysis audit for our clients, and provide a complete report of our findings with detailed advice. We ensure they receive the maximum rebates from recyclables, they have in place the most efficient waste disposal schedule for their business, and that they benefit from our buying power.

We then undertake full service management


As part of our ongoing service we oversee the total management of your waste, including:

  • ensuring the agreed program runs smoothly

  • day-to-day troubleshooting

  • organising once off or regular changes to any service

  • annual price negotiations with all suppliers

  • providing recycling reports required

  • monthly account maintenance - checking all accounts and providing you with one simple yet detailed monthly invoice.


This allows your staff to focus on your business. 


We continually review your costs using our buying power


As a leading waste management broker we can negotiate rates that individual companies cannot. We have longstanding national and local buying agreements with leading waste suppliers. And our large spend on behalf of our clients add further weight in our negotiations. The result is our clients are able to benefit with reduced prices for their services.


We make environment protection a priority

In all our dealings with both clients and suppliers we ensure that our work results in a reduced environmental footprint. We advise clients on how they can maximise their recycling and we ensure our providers use best practices.