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Aged Care & Health Facilities

We’re the ideal fit for aged care groups and hospitals that are not achieving expected service levels, disappointed with their recycling system, consumed by administrative burden and disillusioned with the effectiveness of their account management support. The 2020 COVID 19 Crisis in the aged care sector has brought to the attention of facility managers the many deficiencies of their waste management system and the need to do things differently. 

Our current clients have benefitted by MG Waste providing a more personalised and adaptive approach to managing their waste system. A partner to overhaul your waste system and improve diversion, a personalised point of contact for each of your site managers, sourcing of the best value for money collectors and a transparent system to control your cost base. 


The consolidation of invoicing and reporting, reducing invoices and providing clearer charging descriptions are particularly helpful for procurement and facilities management staff operating multiple sites for budgetary and benchmarking purposes.

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