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Site & Store Networks

Our Central management approach is ideal for supporting store networks. Operating a large store network across Australia will involve management of many collectors to achieve consistent and highest possible service levels.

Example of our Expertise & Capability:

We centrally manage a store network for a retail client with over 150 stores across metropolitan and regional locations in Australia and New Zealand


This client, who we have supported from their day one, values our trusted partnership. The high level of trust in us to "look after the waste" has saved them enormous time and effort that has allowed them to focus more on the high demands of their rapid growth in the last decade with confidence the waste services will seamlessly follow in line.

The benefits of our centralised support extends to:

  • dealing with the day-to-day issues of service management of store staff and waste collectors.

  • the substantial back office administrative savings in centrally managing the monthly charging process, vetting all activities and charges and following up exceptions to understand why they occurred and resolving in a timely manner.

  • the simplification of the subcontracting process under a head agreement with MG Waste that avoids the situation of uncontrolled build up of individual contracts with terms that are outside acceptable parameters. 

  • assisting the fit out teams in their efforts across ANZ for refurbishing existing stores and fitting out growth stores that allows the team to focus on essential fit out tasks, relying on us to schedule in responsive services to what is always a time critical period.

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