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Food & Hospitality

The application of organics recycling has been difficult for this sector in recent years. Consequently, at MG Waste we have undertaken significant effort into developing our knowledge and expertise into the range of organic options from standard collection to purpose built digestor and dehydrator equipment. Our transparent assistance in financially and qualitatively evaluating the options is always highly valued. 

In addition to our expertise in organics, our comprehensive service model is ideal for managing all wastes including solids and liquids. Our Food & Hospitality clients value our personalised efforts into deeply understanding their business and their physical environment.


Our long-term clients have experienced our ongoing efforts of continually improving their waste systems from implementing glass crushers and baling equipment, introducing organics, soft plastics and hard plastics collections and introducing different bin types and frequencies. For larger organisations, they value our benchmarking of sites and our intimate support to assess alternative options where needed to raise the standards of all their sites to meet increasingly higher levels of service benchmarks.

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