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Waste Sustainability Programs for Complex Supply Chains

Our organisational leaders have significant logistics industry expertise leading the delivery of service level agreements for large organisations with complex supply chains. We have adapted this expertise to support large clients cater for their various objectives by initiating structured Waste Sustainability Programs. Objectives ranging from Sustainability and Diversion, Compliance & Safety, Workplace Policies, Security, Commercial, Reporting and Operations. 

Example of our Expertise & Capability:

We support a global industrial organisation with almost 40 sites across Australia and New Zealand. The Client has a significant list of solid, liquid and prescribed wastes and a large volume of imported materials and packaging. Recently they have embarked on a zero waste program and our partnership has been key to identifying and implementing significant waste diversion initiatives. Our solutions model of service has been vital by obtaining reliable measurement and deeply engaging with the central procurement, supply chain and OHS teams along with each sites operational and administrative leaders. In collaboration we have planned, prioritised and implemented initiatives with a greater haste than would have been possible to achieve without our central waste management service.

As part of the Sustainability Program, MG Waste assisted in the design and production of labelling and colour standards in line with Australian Standards. MG Waste procured and managed the roll out of almost 1000 bins across all sites to replace existing workshop bins and assisted in the recycle and reuse of retired bins.

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