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Commercial Offices

Since 2019 MG Waste has focussed significantly on best serving the increasing demand of asset owners, facility managers and tenants to improve the sustainability performance of their Commercial Office in day-to-day activities and de-fit projects.


Example of our Expertise & Capability:

MG Waste has now developed a specialist and unique capability to implement Commercial Office waste systems based on Greenstar Performance and NABERS rating criteria. By applying our Service Model involving our coordination and management of the Waste Management Plan, addressing the key pillars of behaviour, efficiency, bin systems and diversion, this tailored approach is the ideal way to maximise the waste diversion outcomes of a Commercial Office building.

In recognition of the important role cleaners undertake, MG Waste has developed an alliance with a leading cleaning group. MG Waste has developed systems and processes involving cleaners "Enviro Operators"  to efficiently support multiple waste streams, weight monitoring using our tailored software and weigh scale innovation and managing contamination.  A level of coordination and partnership not matched anywhere in the industry.

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