Our Services

MG Waste Management is a specialist waste broker. Our focus is on saving our clients money and time by negotiating enviable rates and providing the day-to-day management of services, while formulating the most environmentally responsible waste program available.



We have agreements with all significant waste disposal contractors Australia wide. We monitor our suppliers for service excellence, best practice operations and above all price. We do background checks to ensure all contractors used are licensed, insured and in full compliance with regulations and legislation.


General waste


Our experienced Account Management team ensure each client has the most effective and efficient collection system to suit their needs. 


We examine aspects such as the frequency of collection, the size and types of bins, and what materials can be recycled. All of these aspects contribute to overall cost savings and maximise rebates.


Liquids -
safe or hazardous

Liquid waste is common in many industries - automotive, hospitality and more. 


We can organise regular or at need collection of any liquids or spills using properly licensed and insured contractors. These include waste oil, grease traps and sludge pits.


Hazardous wastes will be disposed of to meet all government and statutory regulations and legislation. 



Bin collections


Using the service of recognized and reputable local and national providers we offer varying equipment options and schedules that are worked out for each site.


From small mobile bins, to large bulk bins, to bins for hazardous wastes - our suppliers can meet all needs.


Changes to regular scheduled services can be easily made with 24 business hours notice. 


Hygiene services


Bathroom and kitchen environments require specialist care and products.


We can provide regular services carried out by a qualified and experienced sanitary technician to meet all government standards. 


All products used in these areas are environmentally friendly. Our staff will be happy to provide a program to meet your individual needs. 


Document destruction

The new Australian Privacy Principles stipulate organisations must take steps to destroy or de-identify end-of-life personal information.


Hard copy information must be destroyed via shredding, burning or similar. In electronic form total sanitization or irretrievable destruction must be carried out.


MG Waste Management can provide the tools to meet these requirements on a regular or temporary capacity.


Pest control

Services to control pest infestation, rodent and termite problems at an office, medical, hospitality or commercial premises are undertaken by professional suppliers.

We can arrange for regular preventive services to be undertaken, or a temporary service for a unexpected problem.