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Distribution Centres

Our leaders have decades of combined experience in the logistics industry and the management of Distribution Centres and appreciate the importance of safe operating practices regarding traffic management and use of specialised equipment. Our unique capabilities allow us to partner with DC and facility managers to design and financially evaluate the appropriateness of waste procedures, diversion initiatives and the use of capital equipment and undertake a level of subcontractor management that exceeds the OHS requirements of the sites risk management system.

Example of our Expertise and Capability:

MG Waste partnered with a leading Australian retail brand from the design stage to construct their national DC of 35,000 sqm. A system of collection was designed to effectively collect in each bay, landfill, cardboard and soft plastics in towable 660l bins to be transported in trains of four to purpose built compactors. MG Waste financed the waste system, implemented a colour and labelling scheme which included the compactors and has successfully implemented a range of other waste stream collection services since commencement.  

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