MG Waste Management


As Australia's premier waste broker, with nearly 15 years experience, we manage the waste requirements of diverse companies nation wide.


Our service includes ongoing analysis, price negotiation, account management, day-to-day troubleshooting and service delivery.


We provide free waste audits to current and prospective clients.  Discover how you can streamline your waste services, increase your recycling, and create significant time and cost efficiencies for your business by contacting us.

       Brokerage services


As an independent waste management broker we don't own trucks or have an affiliation with any waste haulers or providers. Instead we focus on finding the best solution for our clients needs.


We contract out to leading waste disposal companies and use our extensive buying power to provide the most cost effective services available for:

  • general waste and recycling

  • pest control

  • hygiene services

  • confidential document destruction 

  • disposal of hazardous material

  • e-waste and more.

Businesses we have recently assisted
Office and Warehousing


This Australia wide business had no coordinated and controlled management for the disposal and recycling of large volumes of diverse materials. Like many other companies they simply had arrangements with individual suppliers at their various sites.


Using our buying power to negotiate with suppliers, and applying rebates from recyclables, we immediately saved them approximately $12,000 per year for the same services. As an added bonus, by taking on management of the process it allowed their staff to focus on their business.


We then presented a secondary report illustrating that by applying simple steps they could increase their recycling. The resultant increase in rebates and decrease in landfill costs could save them a total of up to $20,000 per year. 


​Discover how we can reduce your costs and staff workloads, by combining our management expertise and knowledge of best practice with our buying power.



        03 9676 2900


Specialist services


Besides general waste and recycling we can provide specialist services including:

  • Deep burial of waste

  • ​Liquid waste

  • ​Hazardous waste

  • ​Steel and hard waste recycling

  • ​Infectious and prescribed waste

  • Sharps

  • eWaste

and more...contact us about your specific need.



We started out with supplying services to localised franchise stores.

Our investigations into rebates from recyclables, optimum frequency of disposal, efficient selection of bins,

the organisation of national contracts and more resulted in huge combined savings.  


We now manage all waste streams nationally for this fast growing chain.