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       Who we are

MG Waste provides tailored waste management services and solutions.

Since 2012 we have been serving clients across Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is developing long lasting relationships with our clients that enable us to deepen our understanding of their business, and continually improve their waste systems. Achieving ambitious diversion targets is a marathon not a sprint.

We are proud to service an amazing group of long standing customers that have been positively impacted by our expertise within the waste industry.  Our independence, agility to deliver tailored solutions and determination to being “easy to deal with” in every aspect of what we do, enables us to deliver the highest level of personalised service and responsiveness within the waste industry.

In response to current environment conditions many organisations are faced with an urgent challenge to address their sustainability performance. This involves addressing traditional waste practises, but the solutions are not always evident or achievable as business needs are complex.

This is where MG Waste can assist. We function as your partner to centralise and manage a more efficient waste collection and disposal system while offering the highest level of personalised service. We can be your trusted expert to work with you through the challenges and complexity of your business, to continually improve and optimise your waste system and importantly help you achieve your sustainability targets.

       Our Uniqueness

  Last modified - March 2021


pillar of service with our entire network of customers

and suppliers


ensuring unbiased and transparent sourcing of the solutions we recommend and laying the foundations of long lasting

trusted relationships


approach as every customer has different needs and objectives


spirit drives our continuous improvement ambition


when it comes to choosing the number of customers we serve. Our goal is to deeply understand each clients business and continually improve their waste system, not set and forget 



expertise allows us to solve end to end problems in the waste chain, not just the collection


of specialised waste equipment to improve the efficiency of our customers waste system

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