Liquid and Hazardous Wastes

Liquid wastes are produced by a wide range of industries. Much of the waste is safe, but certain liquid waste is hazardous. All require special treatment.


Liquid waste is collected and transported by specialist contractors and then taken to recovery/reclamation, treatment and disposal facilities.


Examples of the service provided include:

  • Hospitality - grease trap and oil collection

  • Automotive - the removal of motor oil, waste water, paints and other hazardous liquid wastes

  • Medical and Scientific - hazardous waste management

  • Utilities - sewerage, sludge, waste water, contaminated storm water, and other liquid waste.


Catering for all requirements we can provide outcomes that include:


  • Sampling and analysis of liquid, soils and more

  • Waste hazard categorisation

  • Assessment of management options available to treat and dispose of the waste

  • Cleaning of tanks, grease traps and more

  • Maintenance of neutralising pits

  • Collection and disposal of liquid and hazardous wastes stored in drums, bins and containers.