There are many questions we get asked about our business and how we can assist different companies reduce costs and save time while reducing their environmental footprint.  Below are some key answers that may explain our services.  Don't hesitate to contact us regarding any other queries you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I use a waste management broker?


Waste management is our business. And as a broker we have your interests as a focus, not the providers'. So we do the running around to find the most suitable providers for our clients, then use our buying power to negotiate the most enviable rates we can on their behalf.


While doing so we seek out and use the most environmentally friendly disposal methods available. We advise our clients on what and how to recycle effectively, which not only ensures they receive maximum rebates but assists them to reduce their environmental footprint and meet government regulations.


What does a broker do?


A waste broker has relationships with key waste providers and finds the best deals for their clients, similar to what a mortgage broker does for personal finance.


At MG Waste Management we go further however. We not only broker the best deals, we also:

  • take on day-by-day management of our clients service

  • advise on how clients can increase recycling and provide environmental target reports

  • streamline clients accounting processes

  • undertake annual price negotiations with all suppliers.


We manage all or as many of our clients waste services as they need.


What benefits does recycling have?


Recycling is a prime way our community is reducing its environmental footprint. Every business can contribute to this and it is simple to do. All that is needed is to sort out waste by type, and then have it collected by specialist haulers for specific treatment.


By taking these simple steps a business can reduce its own environmental footprint and

  • save natural resources

  • reduce landfill

  • preserve energy and more.


What can be recycled?


With recycling we generally think of paper, plastics, glass. But just about anything can be recycled. Batteries, bulbs, electronics, tyres, oil, metals .... the list is endless. And each time you recycle rather than throw out you are reducing your business' environmental footprint and saving costs.


How do I know if I am currently paying too much?


Like in any part of business, costs for waste services can creep up without warning. It is always a wise move to check you are being charged the lowest rates for quality services.


At MGWM we deal with all the major waste haulers, recycling companies and industry specialists so we can use our buying power to ensure you receive the best deal for your business needs.


We offer a free audit for prospective clients so they can see first hand the savings we can provide. For existing clients we do annual price negotiations, and are always alert for new and improved services we can offer that will reduce costs even further, while also reducing their environmental footprint.