Bin Collection

At MG Waste Management we pride ourselves in ensuring you have the correct bin collection schedule for your business. During our audit we focus on the individual needs of each site:


  • the optimum frequency of disposal

  • the quantity, size and type of bins

  • the placement of bins onsite

  • the most efficient and cost effective providers for the site

  • how rebates can be maximised

  • communication with site staff.


We provide a complete report on our findings that includes detailed advice. As your business evolves we will repeat the audit to ensure efficiencies are maintained.


Using national and local contractors we can provide the exact bins you need on site. Our buying power ensures we can negotiate the best price for our clients and we monitor all processes to confirm you are receiving a smooth, professional service.


All invoices from the providers are sent to us, where we audit and verify their accuracy. We then combine these bills into one simple itemised account for all waste services managed by us, reducing your staff workload.