Automotive Industry

Working with a number of clients in the automotive industry has ensured we have understanding of the specialised services required for this industry, and the most appropriate providers of these services.



We provide full brokerage services for general waste management plus a combination of the services below:


  • Oil filter disposal

  • Engine coolant disposal

  • Tyre recycling – passenger, motorcycle and truck

  • Oil collection

  • Battery, Steel, Alloy collections

  • Hydrocarbon / Oily rags disposal

  • Coolant disposal

  • Drum collection

  • Parts disposal/recycling

  • 3R Waste Stations

  • Triple Interceptors

  • Waste Fuel

  • Spill Kits

  • Absorbent Pads/Pillows

  • and more


To maximise savings to clients we apply for State specific rebates for oil, batteries and steel. We ensure all our experienced and skilled providers are properly licensed and dispose of waste in an environmentally and ethically conscious manner.